Around the World on 80 Quid: Aindrias de Staic

Starting tonight, 5th Aug – watch out for  Aindrias de Staic’s award-winning one man show, Around the World on 80 Quid.

With his frilly shirts, tumble of dark hair and misty blue-grey eyes, Aindrias de Staic is the very image of a wandering, fiddle-playing, Irish Gypsy.  He milks the trope for everything it’s got but he is the genuine article.

A mixture of traditional Irish storytelling, music and stand-up, Aindrias de Staic describes his one-man shows as “jazz-theatre”.  Performing in front of a map of the world, de Staic enlivens his traveller’s tales with poetry and, according to where he is supposed to be in the world at any given moment, Irish, Italian, Greek and gypsy music, jazz violin and Australian convict songs. 

The lilting rhythms of his spoken word and the gritty but beguiling violin solos will carry you off but de Staic can dump you unceremoniously back to earth with an “it’s all a ball o’ shite anyway”.

Catch him at the the Camden Head from Thu 5th – Sat 7th at 8.45pm.  


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