After the Fringe: What’s next for Kim & Tom of Not Applicable?

By Carmel Shortall

I had a chat with Kim Fraser, co-author, along with Tom Evans, of Not Applicable, after the performance.  I asked her how the play and the character of Ally came about and what’s next for her and Tom.

Kim explained that the play had its beginnings in a workshop at the Beyond Arts Centre.  The character of Ally came first, then Tom and Kim looked at ways to develop her story – she became agoraphobic, she would be obsessed with someone – and over six months the play grew.  Kim wanted the ending of the play to be “uplifting” without being too dramatic; to be about Ally’s “realisation” that she doesn’t need Debbie Harry as a crutch and can “go it alone”. 

The musical aspects of Not Applicable came from co-author Tom Evans and those who saw the play might be interested to know that the “never meet your idols” cautionary tale involving Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers actually happened to a friend of Tom’s. 

Their next project will also make use of Tom’s musical background as they are currently working on a sitcom set in a record shop in Camden (where else?).  They have written the sitcom, called The Stylus Council in a year and have started pitching it to production companies and agents.  There are to be four main characters, two of which will be played by Kim (Janie, the put-upon assistant) and Tom (also Tom, the bassist in a less than successful  band).  A YouTube segment is in the offing – so look out for that.

Details of the Beyond Centre can be found on


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