2AM by Solas Theatre Company

By Carmel Shortall

“3 Characters, 3 Stories, One Adventure!!”

As 2AM progresses, it becomes apparent that there is really only one underlying story – that of reaching your potential, of becoming everything you are “intended to be” and, in order to achieve this, it is first necessary to see yourself as you are.   

When the audience file in to the Etcetera Theatre, all three members of the cast are already sitting on the stage, making an eerie keening sound.  The three characters played by Miriam Babooram, Amy De Bhrun and Amy Hyder are trapped by circumstances and their low self-esteem.  One is a receptionist who is slightly ashamed of herself – she thinks she is not good enough for her boyfriend and is outshone by blonde friend Beverly.   Jennifer’s best friend is her music and her only male role model is Michael Jackson.  She doesn’t know who she is and has created a musical alter-ego: Jonno.  A third character has no parents and has been brought up by a creepy molesting uncle – will she find the strength to escape?

Likewise, the fairytale characters that inhabit the magical land of 2AM where we are later transported by a striking clock, have to transform themselves in order to realise their true nature.  A horrible creature covered in feathers and thorns, an ugly and unloved princess and a grumpy tree-dwelling goblin provide the inspiration for change.

Presented by Solas Theatre Company and directed by Helena Browne, 2AM brings hints of myth, magic and celtic twilight to the Camden Fringe.  You can see it every night until Sunday 22nd at 7.30pm at the Etcetera Theatre, above the Oxford Arms on Camden High Street.


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