The Roots of Love

Review by Suzanne Birdsey

The Roots of love is a two-man play about a bereaved father (Len), who, having lost his son in childhood, seeks solace from his late son’s friend, Fran, through story-telling and a colourful imagination.

I was particularly impressed with the ability both performers had to create a back-story to each character within such a short amount of time.   At first the relationship seemed ‘pally’ even a father /son kind of set up – created over the years in order to help Len cope with the bereavement over his own son’s death.  We witness both men constantly reminiscing about past events over the course of the show; and over many whiskies (watered down coke) a much deeper and more volatile relationship, built mainly on Fran’s vivid imagination coupled with his misplaced guilt of his older friend’s loss, is revealed. 

The Roots of love is an intense and beautiful piece of theatre that has the ability to make you laugh and cry as it takes you on a ride through the heartbreaking yet warming tale of two men trapped by the past and desperately trying to move on.

Mediamedea presented THE ROOTS OF LOVE, By Cathy Crabb, directed by Neil Bell and performed by Lee Antley and Joe O’Byrne at the Etcetera Theatre, Friday 20th and Saturday 21st August.



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