Is the Daily Mail Dead Yet? Stand-up with William Hanmer-Lloyd.

Review by Carmel Shortall

I was hoping for a bit more Daily Mail bashing than we actually got in William Hanmer-Lloyd’s stand-up show, Is the Daily Mail Dead Yet? on Thursday evening at the Sheephaven Bay.  Daily Mail bashing may have become the national sport and an obvious target for UK liberals but it never palls.  It is, as they say, the gift that keeps on giving.

Instead, after a list of things that the Daily Mail reckons can give you cancer (including facebook) and some classic headlines, we were treated to Hanmer-Lloyd’s thoughts on a number of subjects and learned a few things on the way – none of which the Daily Mail would approve of.  For instance, we learned the name of a website that sells sex toys with a religious theme – you can purchase a Virgin Mary dildo or a Baby Jesus butt plug.  I checked it out and it does exist – as, unfortunately, does the site selling dog condoms.  I wonder does the Pope know. 

Hanmer-Lloyd quickly established an easy rapport with the audience – so easy, in fact, that when one punter went out to get himself a drink he was persuaded to bring one back for William as well.  Some parts of the act work better than others but, overall, Hanmer-Lloyd is a genial and amiable stand-up who engages his audience and wisely doesn’t go too far down the lazy, and increasingly common, path for stand-ups of Rohypnol or rape ‘jokes’.

William Hanmer-Lloyd will be performing Is the Daily Mail Dead Yet? at 7.30pm, at the Sheephaven Bay, 2 Mornington Street,  until Sunday 29th August.


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