‘Scott Capurro Opens Up’ at The Camden Head (saturday 28th August)

Reviewed by Carmel Shortall

“I’ll never be on Radio 4”, Scott Capurro confides in his audience towards the end of his set and he’s probably right.  An equal opportunities offender, nobody escapes his perfectly-timed, slightly left-field and joyously barbed observations.   

Members of all religions – Jews, Christians and, more unusually, Moslems come in for a comedy drubbing: other targets include the McCanns, Fritzl, Slovenian Lesbians, paedophiles, children, dwarf hookers and Walthamstow (where’s there a weapon of mass destruction when you need one?).   On religious fanatics, he says, “once you get one into bed they’ll do anything”

In between bitchy tirades, Capurro improvises and interacts with the audience, flirting with men in front of their girlfriends or wives and, in this case, obliging a somewhat reluctant man to propose to his girlfriend before adding, coyly, that his ring takes two fingers.

Despite his open and friendly, even gracious stage persona, Capurro’s comedy is neither cosy or comfortable: he is the Anti-Alan Carr (who also gets a bit of a kicking).  Nothing and no-one is sacred and it is when poking at liberal values with a sharpened stick that Capurro is at his best. 

Tonight is the last night of Scott Capurro Opens Up at The Camden Head, Camden High Street at 9.00pm.


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