Strap yourselves on for the Cabaret of Potty People!

Review by Carmel Shortall

“Strap yourselves in…or on…whatever works for you!” So starts The Cabaret of Potty People. It promises to be a bumpy ride as Gareth and Cecilia launch into a song about men’s willies while waving a salami about. Sausage based puns follow: “big ones – filling; small ones – thrilling”.   

Babestation gals - eat your heart out.

Next up are the Babestation girls – the late night telly versions will never seem the same again once you’ve seen the Potty Peoples’ huge papier mâché arses jiggling at you while they waggle their phones hopefully over their shoulders. Other characters featured are the Thezbians, West Country ‘lezzers’ up in London to complain about the prices; the Welsh psychics in national dress (sawn-off stovepipe hats included) who only seem able to channel sheep and a pair of burlesque robots.   

The Thezbians

However, the Potty People are three in number and when the other two are changing, as they frequently do, it is the turn of the third, Paolo, to regale us with his anti-climactic ‘poems’, improvise and ramble on generally about stuff. Later he will emerge from behind a curtain wearing only an A4 picture of a banana, strategically placed. “Pretend I’m wearing a tuxedo.”

Pretend I'm wearing a tuxedo

The set is very atmospheric: the upstairs room in The Camden Eye is decked out in red cloth and the dim lighting lends a decadent air.

Character-led rather than gag-driven, The Cabaret of Potty People explore what it means to be ‘born this way’ – Lady GaGa is clearly an influence and if you like your cabaret manic, camp and very rude, then the Potty People could be for you.

Catch them upstairs at The Camden Eye, 2 Kentish Town Road at 8pm every evening until the 6th of August and again from the 9th to the 13th of August. Click here to book and check for prices.


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