Last night at the Camden Fringe: Gavin & Gavin presented Darts Wives at The Etcetera Theatre

Review by Carmel Shortall

Darts Wives, also known as DWAGS, are the new WAGS, apparently, as well as the subject of a new show by Lauretta Gavin and Sharon Gavin. Playing at the Etcetera Theatre, Darts Wives sold out for its three-day run at the end of this year’s Camden Fringe.

The two Gavins play Gin and Jen, radio presenters with the tagline, “Real women…real issues…in the real world.” They’re not “loose women”, and promise not to talk about toilet seats or periods. Instead they are joined in the studio by a group of DWAGs. There is Angel who stalked Tel ‘The Bullet’ Murphy, for so long he gave in and married her. Then there is Lorraine, married to Eddie the Panther; Faye, married to Cowboy Miller and Trina, married to Vinnie the Viper. An “interesting fact” about Vinnie is that he is able to buy his wife’s bras by popping them on his head to gauge the size.

Faye says the DWAGs are all really close but can they remain so in the run-up to The Finals when there are rumours of dropped sponsorship deals, rows about prize money,  competitiveness about who gets ‘papped’ most and somebody’s husband has started ‘sexting’.

Lauretta and Sharon Gavin play Gin and Jen as well as Faye and Lorraine. Philippa Sarll and Tonya Kerins play Trina and Angel plus Tel and Vinnie. All are excellent – bawdy in the extreme and obviously enjoying themselves very much. The audience enjoyed it too – one woman so much that she snorted her drink and sprayed it all over people in the front two rows. The mark of a good fringe show!

Angela Wilson directs and keeps things moving briskly with the assistance of Daragh Dunwoody who provides sound and lighting.

An interesting fact – though perhaps not as interesting as the one about Vinnie’s lingerie buying abilities, is that Lauretta and Sharon spent a year researching the show, including hanging around with a real-life DWAG and haunting darts tournaments.

Darts Wives is a very funny show and the good news is that there is another opportunity to see it next month – not in Camden but further along the Regent’s Canal in Little Venice, on the 22nd, 27th and 28th September at the Canal Cafe, Delamere Terrace, W2 6ND.

Book at or ring 020 7289 6054.


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