DramCom Theatre Company presents Fans of Comedy at the Etcetera Theatre

By Carmel Shortall

As with most sketch comedy there’s hit and miss in Fans of Comedy but there’s no shortage of enthusiasm from the DramCom team led by James Quince.           

Bouncing onto the stage at the Etcetera, the Fans of Comedy realise that at a mere five, there aren’t enough of them for a production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (damn!) and they opt for a sketch show instead. And the sketches come thick and fast: some character-led, some situation-based and some just plain rude.

There’s the nightmare roommate on a business trip whose luggage reveals rubber gloves and a tickling stick as well as bedroom slippers; there’s also the Camden Union of Muggers: “If you’re not covered by CUM…” and the ‘austerity’ Bond movie with Kerry Katona as the Bond girl and Jedward providing the theme song but my favourite was the sketch where the Illuminati have infiltrated Tie Rack.

Fans of Comedy have finished their run at the Etcetera but look out for them in the future: their aim is to revive the classic sketch show format in the tradition of Fry and Laurie et al.


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