Pottiness abounds: A review of The Cabaret of Pottiness at the Black Heart

By Carmel Shortall

The Cabaret of Pottiness returns to the Camden Fringe for a second year of potty-mouthed entertainment – this time in the room above the Black Heart in Greenland Place where they have a monthly residency.

The room is packed and decked out for cabaret with red velvet table cloths and dim lighting. Opening are the Nightingale Experience – two guys and a guitar with catchy songs to think along to – one song starts with the words: “I don’t believe in an interventionist God…but…”

Next up is Burlesque Bettie Wishes, fan-dancing to Muse’s You Know How I feel, the soft white feathers of her fans twitching and bewitching in equal measure.

Then Cecilia Holmes introduces herself: she is going to sing a song about arses. As a colonic irrigator by day, she is well placed to examine the ins and outs of this touchy subject. There is much miming and she is quite out of breath when she retreats to her keyboard to sing, by complete contrast, a sweet song about her thirteen year-old daughter. Songs about bankers who are wankers and useless ex-boyfriends follow and she delivers them all with music hall relish.

Gareth Nash follows with self-penned ballads about cheating boyfriends and coming out in the Welsh Valleys. He has a fine singing voice but freely admits he needs more practice on the guitar. His last song: Killers in fur coats is dedicated to his (ginger) cat (ahhh!).

After a short interval the pottiness resumes as Sugar ‘N’ Fags (Cecilia and Gareth) are the Babestation girls from Hell. The set wouldn’t be complete without the ‘willy’ song: “spit or swallow – your choice to follow”. This show lasts longer than the standard Fringe hour and unfortunately, after another burlesque turn from Bettie Wishes, your reviewer had to leave.       

The Cabaret of Pottiness is a fun and filthy night out dotted with moments of sweetness. They’re performing for one more night of the Camden Fringe on the 8th of August at 8pm (tickets £7.50) and you can check out their Facebook page for details of more shows.


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