Review: Doggett and Ephgrave Project Stuff

By Carmel Shortall

It’s all there in the title of the show: Glyn Doggett and David Ephgrave do indeed project stuff as part of their stand-up act. The ‘stuff’ has been found all over the place but mostly on the internet and the duo have an eye for the bizarre, the sinister and the downright ridiculous.

It’s like being treated to a crazed relative’s holiday snaps except this relative displays an unhealthy interest in beards and goes to Great Yarmouth for his holidays.

Beard Board, a forum for people so boring that their beards are the most interesting thing about themselves, is a truly terrifying look into the heart of banality. Then there is the guy with his own YouTube channel dedicated to the gentle ‘art’ of manualism or hand-farting.

Sinister song lyrics, photographs of the exhibits in the worst wax museum in the world, a giant Zippy costume and the question, why is Andy Murray’s mouth so square, all form part of this likeable and engaging pair’s routine. We were warned at the beginning that there are 309 slides and told to “strap in” but who’s counting?

Doggett and Ephgrave can pop up with or without their projector and it is worth searching them out. Check out their website here.


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