Review: Not the Olympics – Stand-up with Clare Clifford

By Carmel Shortall

Clare Clifford shuffles onto the stage encumbered by snorkelling gear and a blow-up dolphin. She is not dressed for any identifiable Olympic sport – not, she assures us, that she has anything against the Olympics – far from it: she has been fascinated by the commentary in the ‘Ladies’’ weightlifting featuring such gems as “she has such a fantastic snatch…”

She has an eye for the absurd and takes her audience on a journey through ‘knob’ gags (she doesn’t do them – much!), Viagra, alternative acronyms for internet dating, that increasingly elusive beast – the pension and a sinister new lottery game for dealing with the growing numbers of pensioners.

In the hot and steamy atmosphere of the Etcetera Theatre her menopause gag (there are not enough of these – official!) about being plugged into the National Grid was particularly timely.

But best of all there is more projection-based comedy. This time the bizarre world of magazine back pages and the ‘Innovations’ type brochures that fall unbidden from Radio Times, is examined. It’s been done before – most viciously by Charlie Brooker – but this is a topic that’s always good for a laugh. Any amount of bunion braces, portable ladyloos, knob expanders, clone-a-willys, penis pumps and spyware for deaf nosy neighbours flash before our eyes, enlivened by Clifford’s acerbic comments.            

You can catch Clare again in September as she will be competing in the semi-finals of the Golden Jester in September for Great Comedy Nights @ Belushi’s.


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