The Errors of Comedy present: The War On Error

By Carmel Shortall
Two ‘Error’ based puns for the price of one admission – can’t say fairer than that!
The show gets underway before we even realise it’s started. The Errors are assembled onstage and undergoing a speedy relaxation exercise where they are asked to feel their heads, their necks, their shoulders relaxing while they lie on the forest floor listening to the wind in the trees and the sound of footsteps slowly getting closer… This is not going to end well.
There follow about 20 sketches and vignettes featuring themes such as (very) fluid sexuality, a crap terrorist and a very effective one (one is Al Qaeda; the other is the schoolgirl from Hell – you must make up your own mind which is which); a deluded woman with a fake baby and – best of all – William the Conqueror, back in the days when he was plain old William the Bastard, trying to get though Immigration Control at Hastings.
The sketches score more hits than misses – always good news, as it’s really hard to find good sketch comedy these days. The War on Error sensibly treads a line between old-fashioned character-led comedy and situation-based sketches – with a sprinkling of the surreal. And they’re not afraid of a visual pun.The War on Error
Unfortunately, a full list of performers (or Errors!) wasn’t available and I don’t want to mention some and not others but all are very fine actors as well as comic performers and show great promise.
The War on Error has finished has finished its run at The Etcetera for this year’s Camden Fringe but you can find them on their website or follow them on Twitter at @errorsofcomedy.


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