Make room for a little one! Review of Even The Little Ones with Katie Pritchard

By Carmel Shortall

Even the Little OnesBefore the show starts, Katie Pritchard hands out party poppers (not that sort!) to members of the audience – they’re to be set off when we hear David Bowie. We don’t have long to wait. Katie’s entrance in a home-made starsuit to Bowie’s Starman is accompanied by the crack of exploding poppers, streams of ribbons and a whiff of gunpowder. Oh, and then she pelts us with bags of Haribo Starmix.

The scene is set for a very silly and boisterous show – a real pick ‘n’ mix. Katie sings rude songs while playing the ukulele; she also does musical impressions – her Kate Bush and Shirley Bassey are both pretty impressive – she has a surprisingly powerful voice. And just in case you thought the ukulele wasn’t a quirky enough instrument, she also plays the kazoo, reworking popular film scores to see if they can be improved by being given the kazoo treatment.

There follow songs from a Sci Fi musical in which Dr Who is sent to cure Darth Vader’s asthma and they return to Earth in a sharknado to destroy the Daleks and Nigel Farage (in that order). Never mind Sharknado – this is a Katienado!

She constantly interacts with the audience whether sitting on a guy’s lap while singing Wuthering Heights at the top of her lungs or jumping down from the stage in a home-made bee suit playing flight of the bumblebee on her kazoo, stopping only to ‘sting’ a member of the audience here or there. There were times when I was grateful to have a reviewer’s pad and a pen to protect me.

Possibly the most energetic show on this or any other Fringe, Katie’s frenetic performance may be caught for one last show tonight, Friday 21st August at 7.30pm, in the Canal Café Theatre. Tickets are £6 (concs £5)

Further details from her website:


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