“I’ve vajazzled my vagina for this performance” tonight!

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 13.19.55GENEVA RUST-ORTA is the miracle child of two beautiful lesbians, conceived through artificial insemination – and she’s not afraid to talk about her FOUR Jewish mothers… especially now she’s moved a long way away!

Her one-woman show MESSED UP, 3-5 August at 7pm, Rabbit Hole NW3 Theatre, pushes boundaries as she jokes about the holocaust, Nazis, vaginas, anxiety, and homophobes.

She said: “Messed Up is based on Jewish humour, tragedy, plus time. I take about myself, a lot, and then people laugh at my pain.

“I had two lesbian mums and they divorced and re-married other women. So I now have FOUR Jewish mums! I talk about how each Jewish mum is traumatic in different, unique, special ways.

“They each speak for me and have ideas about who I am and they are all flawed but they are all very loving at the same time. It is about being loved for all these things that I don’t do.

“They haven’t been allowed to see the second half of my show but they have seen the first half and they like it very much. They don’t know everything I talk about. Fortunately they are in America.

“I think being Jewish makes you an outsider and when you are an outsider you have a different perspective on the in crowd. There is a sense of being totally judgmental, and hating yourself. So it has both of those qualities.”

Named ‘Second-Funniest Jew’ at the JW3 Jewish Comedy Competition in December 2015, this year she was named ‘Second-Funniest Student’ at the Burning Duck Student Competition. She has also made the 2016 Funny Women ‘Ones to Watch’ list.

Her comic style features slapstick, anger, and sarcasm through poetry, song, and story-telling. Her grandmother has described her style as ‘really very stupid and disgusting’.

She said: “There is a lot of feminism in my family so part of my rebellion was being anti-feminist. I ran away from myself and now I’m coming back and releasing they were right about some things.”

More details and tickets are available from www.camdenfringe.com

emoore-47Photograph by Elspeth Mary Moore


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