Spotlight on social media bullying

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BULLYING on social media and in the classroom is put in the spotlight in Before It Starts, 4-7 August, at Camden People’s Theatre.

Before It Starts is inspired by true stories of young people that have personally experienced bullying about their sexuality and this part verbatim play holds the mirror up on homophobia in a brutal and unforgiving manner.

Director Claire Louise Portelli, of Naked Frank Theatre, said: “It is a physical comedy piece and it is a cast of three actors.

“We tell the story of a girl called Christine, but there is a lot of social media in there and teenage pregnancies. It’s really witty and bold, hard-hitting physical theatre.”

Carleigh-Ann Portelli, who is also directing, said: “A lot of the social media stuff is real words, some of the more hard-hitting stuff that people write on social media. The accounts that Christine goes through are true events.

“We’ve tried not to make it ‘feel sorry for me’. We have tried to make it as witty and playful as possible so the message is clear but we do not want it to be a night of depressive theatre. We want it to be fun and we want it to appeal to all ages.”

Actress Rebecca Briley said: “You don’t realize how affected they are by little comments. It’s just a click. Our show is not linear, it is lots of different styles and a quirky story.”

Naked Frank Theatre specialise in the production and performance of outreach work and recent projects have included collaborations with ITV Fixers and Oxleas NHS Trust.

Originally written as a touring Theatre in Education production that performed in Essex, the show has been revived into a gritty and dynamic play to suit a London audience.

After the Camden Fringe run at the Camden People’s Theatre the show will continue touring throughout London, Essex and Kent.

For more details and to buy tickets visit


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