Richard Rhodes in Blast From The Past

Richard RhodesLondon-based performer, comedian, presenter, singer, writer/director & drag artiste Richard Rhodes has joined the cast of Blast From The Past, 16-19 August, Upstairs at the Gatehouse, as part of Camden Fringe 2016.

Blast From the Past tells the story of how a dysfunctional Northern family are affected by the events surrounding the Admiral Duncan bombing in 1999.

Having performed for many years for the British Army, Richard became the first man to be named a “Forces Sweetheart” for his work as Cookie MonStar and his comic creation Sheila Simmonds was nominated for a West End Wilma award and a Boyz scene award. He has also featured on London Live’s new show Drag Queens of London.

Richard joins 1990s Celebrity Bg Brother star Anthony Kavanagh, Judy Buxton, Felicity Dean, Andrew Irvine and Anna-Lisa Maree.

Writer and director Anna-Lisa Maree said: “April 1999 was an horrendous time in London when there were three attacks, one of which was the nail bomb at the Admiral Duncan. Our show sensitively tackles how a Northern family end up being affected when one of their sons is in Old Compton Street, with his brother and his best mate, dressed as Cher.

“It is an emotional roller coaster ride. I think it will get people laughing with joy and crying their eyes out. It is everything we loved and loathed about the 1990s. We have some fantastic songs and fashion from the 1990s.”

She added: “It is also about challenging stereotypes because the mum looks like she is straight from a daytime chat show where we all judge people. We have all been guilty of judging people by the way they look but none of us know their lives.

“This hasn’t been written since Orlando. We performed this last year as a short play. But we were asked to develop it further for Camden Fringe this year.

“There is a great deal of depth to Kav. I think he will show a lot of people what he is really made of in this. There is no reason for him to sing in this because his character Danny is not a singer.”

Admiral Duncan 2

The memorial in the Admiral Duncan. Photograph by Elspeth Mary Moore.

IMG_0215Anthony Kavanagh plays Danny in Blast From The Past.


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