Satire on government cuts in FE

At The Heart of Everything

Writing a play is certainly one way to get things off your chest. At The Heart of Everything is a new satirical comedy, that lifts the lid on dark possibilities of this forgotten sector of education, tonight (Friday 5 August) 9.15pm, Upstairs at the Gatehouse.

Barry Fyfield, who used to work in further education, explores the world of a crazy college run by an array of staff that would put the phrase ‘lunatics running the asylum’ a run for its money. Into the fray comes Nigel, who’s dreams of putting his ideas into practice, are shattered by the events and misdeeds that come to light on just his first day!

He said: “It’s a satirical comedy about a dysfunctional management team, set in an FE college. It’s the Cinderella aspect of further education. Everyone knows about schools and universities but not further education. I was a teacher and a senior manager. I’m now vice chair of governors at my local college.

“The government has been cut, cut, cut and we all now about Ofsted! So this management team has turned in on itself. We follow the journey of a new manager, who joins the group. We go through some quite dark and interesting twists as we follow his journey. He thinks he is going to transform all of this without knowing what he’s going into to.

“We have nine characters, eight actors, a great cast, all experienced in television, film, theatre. We have a great director, Andrew Loudon, who has taken stuff from the fringe into the West End. There’s no mention of Michael Gove or Lady MacGove. But there is some kick back at government cuts.”

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