Three versions of Macbeth at the Cockpit

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There is a double bill of Macbeth spin offs at The Cockpit Theatre tonight and this weekend, as part of Camden Fringe 2016.

Fire Burn: The Tragedy of MacBeth, Friday 5 August at 9pm, is a brutal, all-female version of Shakespeare’s famous supernatural tragedy. The scale and spectacle of the original is condensed to a series of iconic visual and intimate encounters.

The sisters conjure vision after vision: the man with bloody hands, the woman who walks in her sleep, the father avenging his family, the ghost of a betrayed friend. Their performance evokes a living nightmare as these tortured characters appear and disappear in the darkness to the beat of Hecate’s drum. They tell the tale of how a man and his wife can be lured into evil ways with sweet prophecies and promises.

The piece toured in 2015 to site-specific locations, including a pool in a church in Bruges, the garden of a tudor house in Colchester and a sand pit at the Canning Town Caravanserai.

Director, Rosanna Mallinson, is working with movement and fight choreographer, Yarit Dor, on a more physically expressive and hellish new version to tour to theatre venues in 2016. The show retains two of the original cast, including twice off-west-end-award nominee, Jamie Birkett and Drama Centre’s, Anna Chessher. Method actor Rebecca Calienda joins the team to play Witch 3/Macbeth along with drummer and sound designer Nicola Chang as Hecate.

Blood Will Have Bloodalso from ImmerCity theatre company is on until Sunday 7 August at 6.30pm and 7.30pm, with extra performances on Saturday and Sunday at 8.30pm and 9.30pm.

It follows the character of Fleance who disappears from Macbeth after his father, Banquo, is murdered. Set adrift in a brutal new Scotland he/the audience are taken under the wing of a strange woman who lives on the heath. Under her guidance, they bury their father, clean the houses of dead traitors, discover a prophecy about their future and learn to fight for their revenge.

The piece uses intricate audio technology sending different signals to each of the 12 audience members. As the audience members start to make different choices, the story they are hearing starts to change, tailoring itself to their journey. The show was made with the support of Arts Council England.

Blood Will Have Blood came out of our sell-out immersive new writing event The Alchemical Door and is part of our movement away from set-dependant immersive theatre.

It was created by Clancy Flynn, fiction writer and technological wizard. Her most recent story Intelligence Testing was published in Dark Futures Anthology. She is the author of ImmerCity’s shows Wyrd and Whistleblower which toured to the Edinburgh Fringe and Babel Studios, London.

For a comedy version of Macbeth, check out MacDeth! at The Cockpit Theatre on August 15, 16, 18 at 7pm; August 25 and 26 at 9pm and August 27 at 4pm and 9pm.

Hot from his multiple award-winning success in Hollywood, critically acclaimed British verse playwright/director/actor, Ryan J-W Smith, and his internationally renowned theatre company, Rogue Shakespeare®, reveal MacDeth!

Described as ‘MacBeth gone wrong’ or ‘Shakespeare meets Monty Python’, MacDeth! (in which Smith also stars and directs) thrilled critics and played to sold-out (over-sold!) houses at the Hollywood Fringe – with many audience members paying full price to sit on the floor or stand to see the show. MacDeth! was awarded the coveted International Award for best international show.

This is the second year running Smith has walked away with the Hollywood Fringe International Award – his 3rd verse play, the multiple award-winning Love Labours Won, won it last year with Smith again, writing, directing and starring.

MacDeth! was also awarded an Encore! Producers’ Award and was nominated for the Comedy Award – and, among numerous other tributes, was named one of Time Outs ‘shows to See’ of the festival.

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