Sex fantasy versus reality in Quiche


There are just two more chances to see Quiche, which has been receiving rave reviews at the Etcetera Theatre, tonight (Saturday 7 August) and Sunday 7 August at 8.30pm, as part of Camden Fringe 2016.

Writer Frank McHugh said: “It is about two couples at a dinner party. The boyfriend of the host couple has an exciting but delicate proposition which he intends to ask the other couple, in the way of a sexual experience.

“This leads to quite a farcical hour as he tries to subtly bring it into the conversation, fails at every hurdle. As well as it being a comedy, it also explores the idea of monogamy and what that means to us in the modern day when we have less of a religion based society.

“Monogamy is more something that is decided by the individual and it explores that. Is monogamy and being faithful to one person really relevant or is it just something we decide ourselves to do.

“Hopefully this will be really relatable to people in long term relationships who think about what they value about this relationship.”

Is this inspired by something in Frank’s life? “Yeah, I’m always candid about that. One of the main characters John, who is the boyfriend in the host couple, he to me is a prime example of what an idealistic male will do when trying to organise a multiple partner sexual experience.

“It is all optimism and idealism at the start but actually it does not quite sit right with him when it comes to the event itself. There are many times in my life when I have heard that same story told over and over again. Although I haven’t been involved in something like that, I have been invited.

“This is the second time we have done it. We did it in Brighton and the Mulberry Theatre. We did it for three nights and sold out every night. We couldn’t believe it and now we have decided to take it further at Camden Fringe.”

Do not miss your chance to see the unforgettable Quiche! For more details and tickets visit

Click here to read the 4.5 star review by Terry Eastham

Photograph of Frank McHugh (below) by Shay Rowan.


Frank McHugh Quiche Camden Fringe.jpg


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