The Death of Gregory Ackerman

The Death of Gregory A

We all work better to a deadline. One comedian has taken it one step further in The Death of Gregory Ackerman, 6-11 August, 7pm, Rabbit Hole NW3 Theatre.

“This follows a year of my life tying to work out exactly when I will die. Hopefully having this deadline will inspire me to achieve something in my life.

“It comes off the back of last year’s show when I ended up making friends with the Heaven’s Gate cult. Although they have had some bad press, and they made some bad choices, they gave me a lovely idea. If I had a definite time of death then I would be able to put all my affairs in order before it was too late.

“So I thought if I run off and try to find as many psychics as possible and as many religious teachers as I can, trying to secure a date. Obviously it didn’t work out as well as I hoped so I tried to find out why. I spoke to some serial killers, some occultists and some mystics. They all let me down.”

He has also approached the Swedenborg society and the Vatican,  having adventures along the way. A professional trouble maker, Gregory wants to share his stories with you.

Gregory has been described as a “stunningly original comic” and has been performing for about five years. A previous finalist in the Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian, Gregory has performed on and written for BBC Radio.

His esoteric subject matter have seen him performing in Grant Museum of Zoology, The Royal Society and various museum engagement events.

“I have taken seven solo shows to the Edinburgh Fringe but this is the first I have brought to Camden Fringe… because it is closer and it makes more sense.

“My previous experience was the need to write things and have people tell me immediately how brilliant or awful it was. I read a lot of stuff that I think other people should be aware of. So there is an arrogance in it. Arrogance is why I started and spite is why I continue.”

For more details and tickets visit

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