Generation Y are bringing up that Awkward Topic tonight at 6pm

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“I have to be a feminist. I support equality for women, what women wouldn’t? But then sometimes, some of the stuff the full on feminists come out with makes me a bit like ‘eerrrrm ok, not all men are rapists’ and then I feel like a bad feminist/women for disagreeing!”

Through four women on a girls night out Malarkey Theatre explores what it means to be a feminist in generation Y and how partying, part time jobs and social media effects what it means to be a young woman in Awkward Topic, 8-10 August at 6pm and Sunday 14 August at 4pm, The Lion and Unicorn.

With a verbatim script written with the words of just under 100 people both male and female, power ballads and cheesy chat up lines from online dating sites. This play will leave you laughing at awkward relatable scenarios and questioning whether or not feminism is still a dirty word.

This is the debut production from Elle Wilson, Rachael Rooney, Lauryn Jaimieson and Clare Noy, who met whilst on an Acting Foundation course at Rose Bruford College.

The definition of Malarkey is ‘Meaningless talk and nonsense’ and this is the main ethos of the company. The concept is to discuss serious or taboo subjects but with humour and the words of strangers through theatre.

Writer and Director Clare Noy decided to write the piece after identifying as a feminist but not feeling active enough to call herself one.

“It’s almost like some feminists shame other feminists for not aggressively burning bras. You catch yourself feeling like an inadequate female/ feminist for not being ‘active’ enough. This play discusses how it feels to be a person who identifies as a feminist but would be too scared to admit it or to put it in their twitter bio.”

Photograph above by Shay Rowan. For more details and tickets visit

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