Two weddings to catch today – Practice Wedding & the Day I Married Myself

Practice Wedding.jpgPractice Wedding opened last night at Camden Fringe but there is still time to see this show at Lock 17 and Dingwalls, until Friday 19 August at 7pm.

An unapologetic blend of storytelling and stand-up comedy, Natasha Samreny’s Practice Wedding weaves a delightful journey through the nuances of growing up traditional in a non-traditional household.

Moving from Europe to America’s rural south, Natasha felt an oddity as the intersection of all things different: Latin, Arab, Mormon and un-rooted military brat. Lyrical stories and fast-paced wit imagine the audience through calling off her wedding the night before, getting fired, falling in love, first aide trips, leaving the faith and dating as a multicultural woman in today’s world.

In its previous forms, Practice Wedding has been performed at one festival and at several storytelling and comedy shows throughout the U.S.

But it is not the only show about weddings today – The Day I Married is at 9.30pm, 8-10 August, at Canal Cafe Theatre.

Very, very loosely based on true stories of self-marriages, John Tissiman (actor and co-writer) invites you to his tragically comical wedding; a celebration of one man’s ultimate dedication to the one person who has been with him from the very beginning.

With influence from Mr Bean and Ace Ventura, The Day I Married Myself wonderfully mixes physical theatre, innuendo, mime, and naturalism underscored by a carefully selected wedding playlist.

John said: “The Day I Married Myself is a satirical piece of work that comments on new age issues based on real stories from the news”.

Penny Productions return to the Camden Fringe for the second year, this year with their double award winning play The Day I Married Myself at the Canal Cafe Theatre.

For more details and tickets for both these shows visit

The Day I Married Myself.jpg


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