Andrew Bird snapped up by Michael McIntyre – only £5 to see him at Camden Fringe

Andrew Bird.jpg

Comedian Andrew Bird has had to cancel his show tonight (Monday 8 August) because he is supporting Michael McIntyre at the Duchess Theatre.

However you can see Andrew Bird in the intimate venue of Camden Comedy Club, during  Camden Fringe, Tuesday 9 – Saturday 13 August at 8pm, for only £5! Snap them up quick, because, as The Scotsman says, Andrew is “going to be a star”.

Funnily enough his show is called I Knew This Would Happen…. Although he was referring knowing that he would get married, buy a house and struggle with two kids during the worst recession since World War 2. He knew this would happen because Andrew is one of life’s pessimists. The traffic lights only turn red for him.

Where did this pessimism come from? His Dad? An old-school builder who had already told him this would happen. Or was it growing up in Northampton, where anyone showing the slightest aspiration was greeted with suspicion? Or maybe it is just him!

Andrew Bird’s brand new hilarious show is about society, hope and trying not to be such a miserable prick!

Apart from being on Michael McIntyre’s show, Andrew is the warm-up for Would I Lie to You and Pointless. He is also a writer on 8 out of 10 Cats and Lee Mack’s Duck Quacks Don’t Echo.

For more details and tickets visit


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