David Bright offers the keys to success but will they open any doors?

David BrightA motivational speaker who fails to motivate. Welcome to the world of David Bright: The Keys to Success, 11-13 August at Hen and Chickens, 6pm.

Subjects include a variety of topics. Aided by a flip chart the show takes on the format of a Ted talk. Audience participation? Probably.

David said: “I have noticed that there are a lot of motivational speakers. All these young trendy guys with all this advice. I thought it would be funny to take on this character, a motivational speaker who fails to motivate.

“I did stand up for a few years and I hit a brick wall. I had nowhere to go with it and got a bit bored. I never really wanted to do a character but hopefully this is subtle enough to come off as more real. I used to feel really uncomfortable being myself on stage. So I prefer this because it gives me more room to be creative.

“This is a new show. I have performed bits at gigs but I have not put it all together in one show before. I will see how it goes at Camden and then decide whether to take it to Edinburgh. This is local for me as well.

“My target audience will be the commuters as they leave work!”

David stresses that by coming to see the show he cannot guarantee your life will improve in anyway.

For more details and tickets www.camdenfringe.com.



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