Shakespeare’s cross-dressing women in play discussing gender identity

Endgame Ariel.jpg

Endgame: Ariel explores a world without labels, through the eyes of gender fluidity in Shakespeare’s early cross-dressing females, 11-14 August at 9pm, Camden People’s Theatre.

The thought-provoking physical theatre piece Endgame: Ariel, uses three of Shakespeare’s iconic cross-dressing women, as found in The Merchant of Venice, As You Like It and Twelfth Night, and the sexual fluidity found in Ariel in The Tempest, as a vehicle to discuss gender identity and the constraints placed on all of us within our current society.

It poses the question: Would we be happier in a world without labels? Dead Leaf Theatre Company takes you on a physical exploration through the personal journeys of three people entrapped by their bodies.

Endgame: Ariel is inspired both by Shakespeare and interviews with people from the transgender community. Dead Leaf focuses on real life stories, to make the piece as intimate and real as possible. Struggles and desperation are explored, but also hope and acceptance. The piece is a bold approach to Shakespeare’s text that celebrates the versatility of his work in this, the 400th anniversary year of his death.

The script consists of classical Shakespeare and contemporary writing, mixed together to form a new poetic text. This new writing intertwined with movement creates a dynamic style of theatre, and a strong way of communicating to the audience. The piece is written and devised by the three members of the all-female company.

After a successful and well received run at The Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton, in January 2016, Dead Leaf Theatre Company are bringing their show to an even wider audience at Camden Fringe, to help bring more attention to transgender narratives and continue to enthral audiences with their stripped back, riveting performance.

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