Three women take on a five-step plan to save Mother Earth

Lady Parts

Written, devised and performed by Rebecca E. Clarke, Lady Parts weaves together the very different lives of three women, 10-14 August at 2.30pm, at the Etcetera Theatre.

Guru Harmony (a spiritual/environmental welfare warrior) along with her newly recruited disciples Feminista (showgirl turned gender equality ambassador) and Radio Rachael (Scouse singing sensation turned social mobility mogul) hatch a crack pot scheme to commandeer the HMS Long John (a cruise ship bound for the Mediterranean).

Under the code name “Lady Parts”, they begin to challenge the unsuspecting passenger’s perceptions of femininity and social hierarchy whilst also laying out a five-step plan to save Mother Earth, supported throughout by a pacey soundtrack of 80’s new romantic classics.

Rebecca said: “It revolves around three women and I play all of them. Guru Harmony and Radio Rachael get a call from Feminista on HMS Long John. She’s come down with a dreadful disease and she’s trapped in quarantine and no-one knows what’s gone wrong.

“She has some tests and it turns out she’s come down with stage four feminism. So these two are on it and they set of on a rescue mission to save her and let her out in to the wider world. It taps into poverty and social economics along the way. There is plenty of pubic hair as well.”

Rebecca set up her own production company a few years ago, after being trained in musical theatre and working as a dancer on a cruise ship.

“This is where it all stemmed from and I was on an Italian ship. There was a lot of “grande culos”, which means big bottoms, with a pat on the bum. So this is my retaliation to the Italian men. This is not a musical but there is some singing in it. It is my story interwoven with different characters.”

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Lady Parts 2

Photograph by Shay Rowan


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