Burning Coal returns to Cockpit Theatre with intense one-act play Dark Vanilla Jungle

Dark Vanilla Jungle.jpg

American theatre company Burning Coal returns to London’s Cockpit Theatre with Phillip Ridley’s DARK VANILLA JUNGLE, 10-14 August.

Currently celebrating its 20th anniversary season, Burning Coal became the first theatre in the world to stage all three plays in David Edgar’s Iron Curtain Trilogy at the Cockpit in 2014, garnering a four-star review from the Guardian’s Michael Billington.

Dark Vanilla Jungle, directed by Jerome Davis and Staci Sabarsky, is a short, intense one-person show about a young woman, who is sorting through the rubble of her damaged psyche following a brutal sexual assault.

In her sifting through her beliefs, her hopes and her anger, she slowly comes to discover something dark within herself, something that will drive her toward a resolution.

Writer Philip Ridley is originally from Bethnal Green, writing intense, challenging plays like The Pitchfork Disney, The Fastest Clock in the Universe and Mercury Fur.

He has also written several successful plays for children, including Sparkleshark, Fairytale Heart and Moonfleece.

His screenplays include The Krays, The Flecting Skin and Heartless (which he also directed). Ridley has already written novels, songs, radio plays and the libretto for the opera Tarantula in Petrol Blue.

For a video interview about Dark Vanilla Jungle visit: https://youtu.be/aNCtUp9pfsw

For more details and tickets visit www.camdenfringe.com.

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