Watch five put on a musical on Planet Razzamatazz this weekend

Planet Razzamatazz 3.jpg

A man with power, another with a script, a pianist for all seasons and a beautiful, gifted actress who can just about make it work. Their lives are falling apart and they have 12 hours to chill out enough to pitch a light-hearted musical. Brecht is rolling over in his grave.

Planet Razzamatazz, Saturday 13 August (7.30pm) and Sunday 14 August (7pm) at Canal Cafe Theatre, stars Catherine Lima, a heavy hitter on the London circuit; Brian Shaw, a household name of East End jazz mafia and Mark Delacey, a schlock singer from New York.

They are directed by Elaine Wallace, big time West End musical theatre headliner and Gary Williams, genius savant, larger-than-life, who could do the whole show on his own if necessary.

These five join together for the first time to bring a mini-extravaganza of impressive command. Each of these performers could pack the venue on their own.

Elaine Wallace is also appearing tonight (Wednesday 10 August) at 7.30pm in her own show Unleashed, at Canal Cafe Theatre.

For more details and tickets for both shows visit

All photographs courtesy of Armand Wang.

Planet Razzamatazz 4.jpg


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