The Telemachy swaggers into Camden next week with an intimate solo show


The travelling poet swaggers to town with a case full of ancient stories from his journeys across the world. We know he’s on his way. We’re not sure where he’s coming from. He’s bringing a famous story about you, me, all of us.

Who is the spokesman for our generation? Your enigmatic host delves into the

mythologies of Odysseus, the original rock’n’roll absent father, through the eyes of his brooding son Telemachus. How can he compete with the legacy of his father when the world’s so different now? What does it mean to become a man?

The Telemachy, 16-21 August at the Etcetera Theatre, is a modern-day retelling of the first four books of Homer’s epic poem, the Odyssey. They are named so because – just as the Odyssey tells the story of Odysseus – they tell the story of Odysseus’s on Telemachus as he journeys from home for the first time in search of news about his missing father.

In this captivating theatrical experience, a lone storyteller explores the pressures on the younger generation to live up to the legacy of their parents.

Telemachus goes through intense self-discovery, anger, grief and rites of passage to discover how to become a man under the long shadow of a missing, neglectful yet outwardly cunning and heroic father. Meanwhile, a barrage of suitors, intent on seducing his mother, Penelope, are invading his home, eating and drinking away his legacy and inherited wealth. Telemachus must find the strength to bring this to an end.

“Artistic Director Milla Jackson has cleverly drawn on her background in ancient theatre to create a modern production which resonates with elements of Greek tragedy.”

★★★★ Broadway Baby on As Is

The parallels with our generation of millennials, their inability to live up to their parents’ generation, and their inheritance and legacy being destroyed on a shallow whim, are spun, woven and upended by a strange and mysterious poet, travelling ever onward to share the song with the various chapters of his Western tribe.

This new adaptation by Alexander Day examines the pressing questions of how we define

what becoming an adult can actually mean for millennials living in the long shadow of the baby boomers, and how they can salvage what’s left behind.

“Enjoyable, well-executed and skillful” ★★★★ ThreeWeeks on As Is

An intimate solo show utilising poetry, humour and a rock’n’roll attitude, and inspired by the second-oldest extant work of Western literature, The Telemachy refocuses epic storytelling away from both the fame and infamy of Odysseus to his son – the next generation.

The poem has endured for thousands of years, and its intrinsic relationship with our past, present and future lives on. In this retelling it asks the fundamental question – has anything really changed since the 8th century BC?

“Profound, joyous and life affirming… a show to be cherished and remembered.”

★★★★ The List on As Is

The Telemachy is presented by Mice On A Beam, directed by Milla Jackson and stars Arman Mantella, who was recently in Budapest filming  for the American TV Series Tyrant.

Photography by Julient Avant, who is also a co-founder of the theatre company with Milla.

To buy tickets for The Telemachy at the Etcetera Theatre visit

After Camden Fringe, The Telemachy will be at Edinburgh Fringe, 22-27 August, Greenside, Infirmary Street (Venue 236), 6 Infirmary Street, Edinburgh EH1 1LT .




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