‘Most orgasmic performance’ winner comes from rave Edinburgh shows


Creeps 5.png

Luring you into their dark, ominous world, The Creeps, 15-19 August at the Etcetera Theatre,  puts a terrifying new spin on storytelling while demanding audience interaction.

Watch and engage as these five characters make their presence known, then escape with their broken humanity etched upon your soul.

From the mind and body of Catherine Waller, comes an innovative usage of stage and minimal prop, with a refreshing approach for dramatic theatre. As the lights dim, contorted clowns all remarkably different from one another, share their stories as though they have been awaiting someone to devour their dark tales.

The show is transformative, interactive, visceral and offers a unique experience for an audience that is truly alive. In fact, the character’s demand that the audience talk back to them.

Awarded “Best Actress” and “Producers Encore Award” at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2014. Also nominated for “Most Orgasmic Performance”.

“A true actor and chameleon, seamlessly changing characters all while pushing the audience out of their comfort zone and bringing attention to an ongoing social disregard for mental health…” – Julia Porter

Clowns are not what they seem in this show: clowns in this context, are not fun and games. This devised solo show bends the mind and transforms perception: “Her body morphs almost supernaturally into distinct personalities so pathetic, disturbed and disturbingly relatable. At times it feels like a horror movie.” -Michael Shaw Fisher

FOUR STAR review at Edinburgh Fringe: SGFringe **** review








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