Oscar Wilde is the play, the director, the actors and the audience at The Cockpit

The Play That is Oscar Wilde aka The Life of Oscar Wilde Camden Fringe 1025.JPG

One of the longest titles of Camden Fringe 2016 must be London Drama Group’s The Play That is Oscar Wilde aka The Life of Oscar Wilde, 15-17 August 9pm, at The Cockpit Theatre, Gateforth Street, Marylebone, London NW8.

Writer Roger Clark (pictured above on the right) said: “This new play is about the life of this brilliant but flawed man. He was an Irish Protestant who wanted Ireland to escape from the evil Protestant Empire – namely Britain.

“He took the western world by storm before he was 30. He knew about PR and celebrity long before these expressions were invented. He was an A class celebrity in America, Ireland, UK and France. Such extraordinary success!

“Later because of ego, obstinacy and other shortcomings, and despite immense the help and urgings of many friends, he descended into tragic failure. He died aged 46.

“Although the play has some surreal aspects it strives to be loyal to the history. The play employs the notion that Oscar Wilde was always an actor on a stage wherever he happened to be at the time; that HE was the real playwright and producer of this play rather than Roger Clark; that HE is the director of it rather than James Holdsworth, and that HE is sitting among the audience of The Play That Is Oscar Wilde.

“He wished to miss nothing, especially not his own Court cases. Bring them on! His life is the play and the play is his life.”

Director James Holdsworth (pictured above) is an emerging director/ actor from Blackpool. He has performed in various shows up and down the United Kingdom including The Libertine at Contact Theatre Manchester, Little Shop of Horrors at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. He has been interested in the literary works and life of Oscar Wilde from a young age and is proud to direct and lead a cast in a play about this man’s life.

He said: “As a director I will stay true to the integrity that Oscar demands, whilst exploring the dark and beautiful intricate pathways that made him the man that he was, and on a stage which I think he’d find rather charming. The collaborative nature of the show will make for, I hope, quite an innovative, unique spectacle. If you have an evening free, I invite you to come and watch our work.”

Actress Jagoda Kamov (also pictured above) has a Croatian, Japanese and Italian background but is now based in London and will appear in the new JK Rowling film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, to be released in November 2016.

Also appearing in The Play That is Oscar Wilde aka The Life of Oscar Wilde are Danielle Little, Beth Culshaw,  Crystal Arons and Jack Carroll.

For more details and tickets visit: http://www.camdenfringe.com



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