Online dating play Swipe devised from a survey of women around the world

Surveys normally drive everyone mad but there is now a play at Camden Fringe devised as the result of a survey!

Swipe, 18-21 August, Hen and Chickens, was devised from a survey sent out by the playwright to capture the experiences of women who use online dating or even just heard of it.

It is a unique opportunity to see glimpses of real experiences of women from around the world, as each response was integrated into the devising process of the script.

Presented by New Match Collective, a brand new international all-female theatre company see what it is like through a series of vignettes of different women’s lives, screenshots of an experience.

Two of the six members of the cast are from the United States of America, one of them is from Wales, one is from Scotland, and one is from New Zealand.

It covers real life struggles women face of having to keep up with what society deems “sexy”, female sexuality and its expression, female friendships, and the question of love.

For more details and tickets visit

Swipe.jpgPhotograph by Shay Rowan

Swipe poster.jpg


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