Cut Throat play is raising issues of free speech and raising money for Refugee Action


How far can you go in the name of free speech? Does having the right to speak equal having the right to say anything? How many people can you rally with charisma and a well-crafted argument?

In Cut Throat, 15-22 August at London Irish Centre, 14 characters speak their minds freely about race, religion, relationships, bodies, sex, money and social darwinism, without any filter, walking the thin line between comedy and cruelty.

The right to speak does not come with a promise that the speech be valid or harmless. An irreverent play that will make you laugh… and cringe.

Cut Throat (Tranche-Cul) is the English adaptation of the play by Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard, a promising French Canadian actor, author and playwright from Montreal. It was critically acclaimed during its original production in Montreal, at L’Espace Libre in 2014, and received rave reviews.

Starring Jessica Chamberlain, Charlotte Christie, Kathleen Glynn, Edward Hayes-Neary, George Howard, Deborah Kearne, Vanessa Labrie, Kate Lamb, Jake Mitchell, Jess Nesling, Loclann O’Grady, Joseph Rain-Varzaneh, Ahd Tamimi, Laurence Varda and Hannah Wilder, Cut Throat is the first production from Trip & Guts Theatre.

Their mandate is to promote Quebec new writing in the UK. The company believes in internationally diverse, gender equal casting.

15% of the profits will go to Refugee Action, to help refugees and asylum seekers settle in the United Kingdom.

Director: Laura Jasper
Adaptation: Matthew Cunningham
Producers: Vanessa Labrie and Kathleen Glynn
Costume/Set Designer: Elizabeth Harper
Sound Designer: Odinn Hilmarsson

Cut Throat

Photograph above by Shay Rowan


Cut Throat poster.jpg


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