Sid – a one-woman drag show about street harassment and misogyny

Sexism and street harassment of women are examined by Claudia Jefferies in her new show Syd, tonight (Wednesday 17 August) at Canal Cafe Theatre at 9.30pm.

Through Syd, who is a comedian, drag artist and variety performer, Claudia plays with the idea that society treats male anger as “to-be-taken-seriously”, but treats female anger as a joke or as so-called hysteria.

Claudia said: “I’m wearing a moustache because I’m becoming this character Syd and playing on the collective memory of cabaret entertainers. I’m easing people in with a few cheesey jokes, singing and light entertainment.

“But really is what it is about is misogyny and street harassment. Misogyny that takes place in public and makes women feel that public space does not belong to them. I’m using this gruff voice and slightly intimidating masculine character to tell these  anecdotes an make them sound strange and unusual.

“Hopefully this will get the audience to reconsider these things that happen everyday that are really bullying but are not called that and are seen as something that is what to expect and part of being a woman.

“I’m using old classic karaoke tunes but changing the lyrics so it goes dark, having quite angry moments. There is some audience participation and some heads being cut off.”

This is the second solo project from Jefferies, who makes work which takes overlooked and over-tolerated examples of everyday hideousness and seeks to expose them with gaudy, theatrical splendour. In terms of performance style, Syd is somewhere between Karen Finley and Bruce Forsyth.

Syd has been in development since Autumn 2015. It was performed as a work-in-progress at the Bread and Roses theatre, Clapham in November 2015 and at various scratch nights throughout 2016.

Click below for an interview with Claudia Jefferies by Dinty Andrew…

“…an important and challenging artist who seamlessly combines the power of cutting edge live art and contemporary feminist dialogues with unique writing and performing skills that harness the immediacy of stand up and the shock of new writing. A woman to watch…” – Marisa Carnesky.

“A performer with a throbbing, roof-raising energy” – Fringe Guru on Jewel, 2013.

Previous audience feedback for Syd:

“…violent and harrowing and kind of raw. If we’re talking brush strokes, it isn’t light watercolours. It’s clay. It’s painting with a hammer. And I really, really love that.”

“Brave, funny, unlike anything I’ve ever seen”

“…Mighty Boosh with a strong moral compass”



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