Rubbish Rebel following in his father’s footsteps with clerical character comedy

Clive Anderson.jpgTV comic Bentley Browning brings his show Rubbish Rebel to the Etcetera Theatre tomorrow (Sunday 21 August) at 2.30pm.

Bentley stars as himself, North London’s most boring priest Rev Rupert Williams, failed rockstar Steve Plimpton and WAG Wannabe Melinda Middleton.

While he was performing at Edinburgh Fringe for ten nights he “married” a couple from the He and She Show and bumped into Whose Line is it Anyway presenter Clive Anderson.

He said: “It is a one man comedy show. I come on as myself then I turn into North London’s most unfunny priest, which is inspired by my father, not that he was unfunny. Then I do this failed rock star, which comes from me having spent a lifetime in bands. Melinda Middleton is a model/YouTube presenter who will do anything to get famous.

“I’ve always found getting reviews difficult. So this year I went for every quirky TV job I could get and talk about my comedy. So I did Posh Pawnbrokers and they interviewed me about my comedy, which was great. Then I did David Cameron as Posh Spice on The Last Leg on Channel 4.”

Bentley is still singing with his band Explode The TV and he has their name tattooed on his arm: “But comedy has taken over. I learnt stand-up in 2009 with The Comedy School but then I ended up running a comedy school myself called Comedy Novices.

“I also did Comedy for Clergy on TV. We teach priests how to be funny. It got on everything, BBC Breakfast, The One Show and Russell Howard’s Good News.

“My father worked in a hospital as a chaplain in Birmingham and was canon at Sheffield Cathedral. He has retired now but I do use his gear.”

But Bentley was never tempted to follow in his father’s footsteps into the church: “No. church of comedy maybe. But you never know.”

Bentley’s other TV credits include Titchmarsh and Channel 4’s Feeling Nuts.

“Laugh out Loud”-Views From The Gods

Tickets available from

Bentley Browning 2.jpg


Photograph by Shay Rowan


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