From Russia With Laugh – a triple comedy bill by Anton Chekov at Theatro Technis


Naughty candlesticks causing all manner of arousal, ardent men desperately seeking an eelpout and a Russian conversation which gets lost in translation……

From Russia with Laugh, Theatro Technis until Sunday 28 August at 6pm, is a comedy triple bill, unlike anything you have ever seen before. Featuring three of the funniest short stories from mother Russia’s most famous author- Anton Chekhov; brought flamboyantly to life for the Camden Fringe 2016

In Daughter of Albion a pompous landowner combines fishing and drinking, whilst trying to rebuff an English lady who he claims to hate.

Objet d’Art sees a sensual gift causing quite the stir amongst a group of respectable Russian gentlemen, as they try to pawn it off on each other

Fish will introduce you to a quiet Russian village, where the spotting of a mysterious eelpout leads to fevered commotion as many of the locals dive into the depths of the wild river to catch it.

SOFA productions has been running a variety of theatrical productions for over 15 years with successful runs at both the Edinburgh and Brighton fringe festivals.

They have also gathered a keen following for their children’s fairy-tale show which runs every August in North London.

With an international company of talented directors, actors and producers, the north London based company’s aim is to bring a diverse mix of enjoyable theatre of the highest professional quality to London.


Tickets are £5 and are available from

They also have two other shows at the same venue, 24-28 August, Extremities (7.30pm) and Fright Nights (9.30pm). You buy tickets for all three shows via this link: SPECIAL OFFER ON TICKETS

You can read more about Extremities on the Camden Voyeur blog by clicking HERE.

For more information and booking for all these shows visit

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