Mr Jordan’s Funeral: In Absence of his Memory opens today for lively and messy theatre

Mr Jordan's Funeral Camden Fringe 3.jpgMr Jordan, a loving husband, brother, lover, dickhead, mumbler and ghost. Six women pick up his fragments and create stories by slipping through the cracks of memory. It’s not about him after all.

Mr Jordan’s Funeral: In Absence of his Memory today (Friday 26 August) at 12.30pm, Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 August at Etcetera Theatre, is a physical exploration that uses daring imagery, energetic performances and messy yet vulnerable moments to turn the conventions of a funeral upside down. It’s quirky, playful and sincere.

Foxtale is an international performance collective, founded by Judita Vivas. Their work is firmly grounded in physical approach to contemporary theatre-making and rests on ensemble explorations of spontaneous play, improvisation and composition. Underlined by new approaches to performance devising and thinking, they produce work that is low-tech, engaging and challenging.

Shamelessly fusing, fragmenting and recycling texts, identities, fiction, reality and music, Foxtale devise lively and joyously messy pieces of theatre.

Foxtale “create a world of invention, humour and pathos that shifts from moment to moment, keeping us ever on our toes… I was drawn in and was eager to know more, but, rightly, wasn’t always given answers. Life’s like that, and Foxtale capture something of its frustrating but joyful essence,” Professor Paul Allain, University of Kent.

Devising Performers: Judita Vivas, Mara Morgantti Minchillo, Hannah Newman, Emilia Oldani, Elena Skreka and Lucy White.

More details and tickets available from

Mr Jordan's Funeral Camden Fringe 8


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