Premiere: The Legend of St Julian performed naked @CamdenFringe

Press_Photo_Legend of St Julian

Photograph by Jennifer Evans

It’s Bank Holiday weekend and there are 121 shows left to watch in just three days at Camden Fringe 2017!

New company DepthSound presents its inaugural show The Legend Of St Julian at the Hen and Chickens, 25-27 August 10.30pm, pushing the boundaries of fringe theatre by combining naked ancient Olympic-style contest with late-night literary salon.

As the audience enter, they are confronted with the sight of two naked men sprawled in an empty space. The house lights fade, the signal to begin rings out, and the two nudes proceed to vie for supremacy.

Their contest combines two elements:

1) Physical – the unclothed athletic feats of the ancient Olympics, bodily prowess and endurance stripped back to the fundamental basics of the human form with every sinew and muscle on display to the spectators;

2) Vocal – the words of Gustave Flaubert’s tale The Legend of St Julian – each bout features a short section of the story delivered by one of the combatants, the whole story having been conveyed by the end of the hour.

It will be a performance of extreme impact, transporting the audience to another plane – the naked shapes of the performers, the other-worldly text that forms the backbone of their encounter and the almost constant presence of an abstract electronic soundtrack effecting this leap from the mundane and everyday to the sublime and strange.

Ritual storytelling with a focus on the naked male form – a unique combination of flesh and fiction guaranteed as DepthSound tells this story of medieval murder as it has almost certainly never been told before!

DepthSound is based at the heart of the Camden Fringe, mid-way between the iconic Mornington Crescent and the even more iconic Camden Market. The actual Camden Fringe pigeons strut and preen outside the DepthSound front-door – local lads.


Carmina Bernhardt presents her solo show Greenery, 25-27 August 2.30pm at the Etcetera Theatre, a comic play about getting the bus to work wearing different shoes, through the perspectives of four charcaters.

She said: “It is a kind of one-woman Sense8 (Wachowski’s groundbreaking Netflix series), where I want to challenge the audience via their connection to the lead character Viveca.”

Greenery is directed by Annemiek Van Elst, associate director at the Lyric in Hammersmith.

Seven Letters

Rian Flatley’s play Seven Letters, 25-27 August at 7.15pm at the London Irish Centre, is a poignant story of three spirited, elderly women whose circumstances have brought them together.

Their past lives are told through flashbacks, graphic monologues and song. The hope is that everyone will recognise that each old person was indeed once young and vibrant, with hopes and dreams.

There have been a few changes to the printed programme and this includes one last chance to see The Trouble With Scott Capurro at 8.30pm on Friday 25 August at the Etcetera Theatre – back by popular demand after his earlier shows sold out.

Matt Green: Lives in Camden is also back Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 August at 6.30pm at Camden Comedy Club after his three shows at the beginning of Camden Fringe sold out.

Gary G Knightly (as seen on Channel 4, BBC3 and the West End) brings back his debut solo show Twat Out Of Hell on Saturday and Sunday at 8.30pm at the Etcetera Theatre, after his earlier shows sold out.

For more details on Camden Fringe and to buy tickets visit

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