REVIEW: To the Moon… and back… and back at The Etcetera Theatre @camdenfringe

Rachel Salisbury has done two things that many of us haven’t: one – advertising on Facebook for a boyfriend and two – going viral because of that advertisement. In her new show To the Moon… and back… and back she explores the impact of our search for romance in the digital age, backdropped by loneliness in London.

Taking us through her various dates, accompanied by talking ratios (the men almost always taking the bigger portion) Salisbury’s performance is both hilarious and poignant, baring her soul and not shying away from the pain of rejection and humiliation – two unavoidable possibilities in the pursuit of love.  She is utterly charming throughout, an unashamed romantic and inspiring in her hopefulness about it all.


Salisbury’s multi-roling was particularly impressive, showing us a wide range of characters and keeping us captivated throughout. I particularly enjoyed director Danäe Cambrook’s use of costume changes as symbolic, making them ghost-like props for other characters.

The show’s conclusion I won’t spoil, but my only reservation was that there seemed to be little of Salisbury’s life outside of this search for romantic love explored. The conversations around loneliness were relatable and beautifully relayed, but romantic love as the way of solving seemed to be offered as the only resolution.

Despite this Salisbury has created an engaging, entertaining and funny show with a huge injection of her personality – which was probably the best thing about it. Spending an hour with her was a delight, and I would highly recommend it.

Review by Natalie Beech

To the Moon… and back… and back…
Etcetera Theatre
18th – 22nd August 


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