Review: Matt Green – Best Efforts at Camden Comedy Club

Comedy comes in a lot of flavours. Matt Green’s isn’t too strong or acerbic. It’s a gentler kind of thing. More story-telling than relentless punchlines. More from real life than imagined.

That’s not to say it’s not funny; just that he has a tone that is more bewildered than aggressive.

He’s been around a while as a performer. (He admits to 40.) He’s been married a while and the flat where he lives has a new kitchen, which he’ll tell you all about. His other topics are ones we can all relate to: tidiness, how we should respond as individuals to climate change (President Trump withdraws from the Paris Climate Change Accord: Matt Green switches to a shampoo bar), how we can all make a better world.

matt green2

He’s a very personable performer too, keen to engage with his audience, although not to be taken for granted, as some rowdy New Zealanders found on the night I was there. When they threatened to get out of hand, he put them firmly in their place, and carried on.

He doesn’t try for earth-shattering revelations. The jokes are not seismic. But it is a very entertaining and humorous (in the best sense) hour of entertainment, which should take you back onto the street with a smile.

Still time to catch his show!

Review by Michael Spring

Matt Green: Best Efforts
Camden Comedy Club
30 July – 3 August

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