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REVIEW: The Old House at The Hen and Chickens @camdenfringe

There’s a slender chain that links a woman in her forties with her elderly mother and her dead, unborn, child. Sometimes, it’s as fragile as silk. Sometimes it’s an anchor chain. It’s the atomic bond of love and in the … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Mood Kill at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre @camdenfringe

Snippet Theatre‘s new show Mood Kill opens by getting straight to the point. Explained in an opening recording, writer Olivia Wilkes wants to know why suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK today and why … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Much Ado About Salsa at the London Irish Centre @camdenfringe

This is Shakespeare on holiday, a drastically cut version of Much Ado About Nothing, in shorts and sandals and with salsa rhythms substituting for a lot of lengthy sub-plot and intrigue. The result is an hour and twenty minutes or … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Bardo at The Lion and Unicorn @camdenfringe

Ammara has a book. Not just any book. A book that may – if she’s brave enough – enable her to follow her soulmate to the Underworld. Unfortunately, Ammara, being a nineteen-year-old, has only skimmed it, so she doesn’t have … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Dollface at the Hen & Chickens @camdenfringe

Often what I see within the Fringe theatre scene is small shows that needed bigger stages and Dollface was one of those shows. With some interested political undertones and an insight into what it’s like to grow up as a … Continue reading

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REVIEW: All the Dumb Things at the Hen & Chickens @camdenfringe

Comedy is an extremely tricky medium to master, and it’s also one of the most subjective forms of entertainment. If a group of people came out of an action film, granted it had a few fight scenes, a violent car … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Your Molotov Kisses at Etcetera Theatre @camdenfringe

This is a sharp and fast two hander written by Venezuela playwright Gustavo Otto. In its pacy hour, we are invited to inspect the relationship of a couple starting out to create a family. At the opening, when we’re first … Continue reading

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